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Recreation. Photography and videography. Surveying land. Amazon delivery. 
These are some of the ways drones are being used today. But did you know that drones could also be used to reverse the deforestation problem? The rate at which we’re cutting down trees far exceeds our ability and financial means to replant trees by hand, but a fleet of drones could plant up to 100,000 trees per day!
Learn more about the future of precision forestry.

Climate change is a topic on many minds, including scientists in Australia. 
An experiment they’re conducting shows that trees stop absorbing carbon in extreme heat, but that they release water – essentially, trees “sweat” to survive extreme heatwaves. This is contrary to what scientists believed about the photosynthesis and transpiration process. 
Read more about their experiment and its implications.

Arborists and their counterparts in industry recently descended upon Maui, Hawaii, for their annual Winter Management Conference. 
While there, they visited the famed Lahaina Banyan tree. When planted in 1973, this tree stood at just eight feet tall. The Banyan tree has grown so large by dropping roots from its branches, which then became additional trunks over the process of time. Today, it stands over 60 feet high, has 16 major trunks in addition to the massive original trunk, and shades nearly two-thirds of an acre.
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We can’t talk about things we heart in February without talking about the 2018 Winter Olympics! 
Turns out, Pyeongchang has been helping trees of all ages and types survive the brutal winds that have forced many of the athletic events to be rescheduled. 
This article isn’t long, but it’s worth a read!


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