Risk Management

Managing property outside of a structure, such as trees, landscaping, turf, hardscapes and irrigation, can be complicated. If disaster strikes, these assets may produce significant losses for a property owner. HMI can advise you on how to identify, manage and mitigate the risk that outdoor assets can present.

Hazards Assessment

Outdoor assets such as trees, water features and hardscapes, can provide a lot of aesthetic value, but they can also constitute a hazard to both people and property.

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Disaster Preparedness

One of the keys to success in mitigating the impact of a catastrophic event like a hurricane or wildfire is to have a Disaster Preparedness Plan in place.

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Property Evaluation

A property owner must have a good understanding of what assets they have on their property, their value and the risks they pose if they were to fail.

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Loss Prevention

The cost and potential disruption caused by the loss of outdoor assets can be substantial.

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HMI provides training to property owners, managers, adjusters, risk managers, legal professionals, government and municipal bodies.

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Wildfire Prevention

The prevalence of wildfire has increased dramatically over the last 5 years and current trends indicate that the risk of wildfire is only increasing. 

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