Client Case Studies

When our clients are in need the most, HMI provides solutions to help them tackle their most challenging problems. Take a moment to read through our past case studies to learn how we have helped clients recover from catastrophic events, manage insurance and legal claims or enhance their properties to maximize curb appeal.

Iconic Tahoe area ski resort: rapid response to aid in recovery from a devastating fire

HMI dispatched a team of arborists to assist in the assessment and removal of fire damaged trees that threatened millions of dollars of property. Within 72 hours we were on-site working to inspect, inventory and document the fire damage. This was a ‘time is of the essence’ situation due to the unstable condition of the damaged trees. The project was particularly complex due to regulatory requirements prohibiting the removal of trees from federal land unless it has been inspected by a certified arborist and determined to be a hazard. HMI was able to both document the loss for insurance purposes while at the same time creating a GIS record of the trees in order to ensure compliance with US Forestry Service rules and regulations. The speed that the HMI arborists were able to complete this allowed removal crews to take down the damaged trees before additional tree failures could cause additional property damage.

Boutique luxury hotel in San Antonio: redesign and replacement of landscaping destroyed by freeze

HMI was hired by a hotel to provide a comprehensive solution addressing the total loss of landscaping on the property. HMI mobilized a team to document the loss for insurance purposes and worked with the hotel’s carriers to secure a settlement. The next step was to secure the property and eliminate any hazards due to damage suffered by large palm trees and other plant material throughout the property. HMI was then retained to redesign landscaping, upgrade the irrigation system and install replacement plants and trees. In the end, we provided the client a one-stop resource offering a comprehensive solution to restore their property and limit disruption to their business.

Leading South Florida golf course: comprehensive evaluation of construction deficiencies

We were retained to investigate the golf course’s concerns regarding certain aspects of course construction. HMI assembled a team of engineers, golf course designers, golf course construction specialists and soil specialists to evaluate the course. Significant deficiencies in construction were identified and HMI prepared a comprehensive restoration plan and cost analysis, which was used to support a claim against the developer. The success of this project was a result of HMI's ability to assemble a team of experts to evaluate the course’s condition from multiple perspectives to provide a holistic solution resolving an extraordinarily complex situation.

Premier golf resort in the Caribbean: full measurement of loss for multi-million-dollar insurance claim

HMI was deployed to the Caribbean after a major hurricane to assess the damage to one of the island’s most exclusive golf resorts.  HMI sourced large trees, equipment and large tree installation experts to determine the cost to restore the property to its pre-loss condition. Due to the highly specialised restoration work required, HMI utilised its network of green industry experts to prepare an operational plan and pricing necessary to complete this logistically complex project.


Hydroponic tomato farms in Southern California: analysis of a massive crop loss due to equipment failure

Following a massive power outage in Southern California, a hydroponic agricultural co-operative experienced a large loss of vegetable crops due to an extreme heatwave. The climate control system’s back-up generator failed during the outage and HMI was asked to assess the extent of the damage and provide a professional opinion as to the cause of loss. HMI had a plant biologist perform extensive testing on the damaged plants and we were able to conclusively determine the cause of loss. HMI also collaborated with forensic accountants to determine the loss of yield, which is a key component of agricultural losses in general. Our findings were conclusive, resolving an insurance claim and providing support for a casualty loss claim as well.


Multi-state manufactured housing communities: forensic investigation of catastrophic tree loss due to weather

HMI was retained to perform a forensic analysis in order to determine how much tree damage occurred on multiple manufactured housing properties. We were called in after the properties had been cleared of all of the debris by vendors. Reconstructing the scope of the damage required highly experienced practitioners from our network to perform field inspections, tree density assessments, review imagery and other records of the loss locations, interview vendors involved in doing the initial clean-up and more. We ultimately were able to provide an evidence based assessment of the damage that was used by the stakeholders to resolve all claims.