Emergency Services

HMI’s network consists of thousands of professional, fully credentialed tree crews located across the country.

Insurance adjusters and property owners have always struggled with the inconsistent workmanship, pricing and professionalism of companies that provide emergency tree removal services.

HMI’s Emergency Tree Removal Program was established in 2008 to provide our clients with access to the nation’s leading tree care companies.

Our Program Delivers :

  • Standardized SLAs
  • Established pricing guidelines
  • HMI oversight and quality control

HMI has been involved in over 65,000 emergency claims and our program is recognized as the quality standard for customer service, pricing consistency and professionalism by all our clients which include 23 of the top 25 residential carriers in the country.

man cutting tree down

What Our Clients Say

"HMI’s pricing is comparable or “below” what we see from their competitor"

“HMI’s customer service and professionalism is unmatched in the industry”

"HMI is the best solution for emergency tree removal claims for us and our clients"

*Source: 2022 Survey of Carrier Clients

What makes HMI different?





Our network of tree care professionals consists of certified and insured arborists who are skilled at accurately assessing project scope and costs. Additionally, they are trained to provide insured individuals with a high level of customer service. We have assembled a highly skilled back-office team that is accomplished in managing the complexities of emergency tree removal claims.
The program’s foundation is built on HMI’s adherence to standards; this provides our clients with the confidence that each project is being managed professionally and at reasonable costs. HMI has established expectations with its network for client contact protocols, workmanship, documentation, and pricing. In addition to setting these standards, we routinely monitor network conformance and audit all projects for consistency, accuracy, reasonableness and adherence to guidelines.
Catastrophic (CAT) events can bring out the worst professionals within the emergency response industry; therefore, HMI's clients count on us following CAT events more than at any other time. Over the years, HMI has focused its recruiting efforts on locating high-quality tree care companies that will deploy for our clients following CAT events.
HMI’s tree removal cost guide has become the industry standard for gauging reasonable costs for professional tree-removal work. HMI offers training to our clients on how to use the guide. Additionally, HMI offers free CE training for insurance industry professionals on best practices for adjusting emergency tree removal claims as well as adjusting claims involving damage to trees, landscaping and golf courses.
Who We Serve

HMI’s Emergency Tree Removal Service is currently utilized by 23 of the top 25 residential insurance carriers in the U.S.  We also offer commercial property owners/managers  access to crews through our program. This program provides qualified crews for tree and tree debris removal from golf course, resort and other commercial properties following CAT events.  


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