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As the nation's only source for high-quality tree care and emergency support services, HMI is an indispensible resource for all Property and Casualty claims professionals. HMI provides national support for a wide variety of claims involving trees, shrubs, turf and even hardscapes. Our services are varied and include emergency tree removals, debris removals, expert cause of loss analyses, replacement cost calculations and more. To learn more about HMI's claims support services click the treeClaims® link below.

Loss Prevention

It is widely accepted within the arboricultural industry, and proven by HMI's claims experience, that healthy, appropriately sited trees will survive most severe weather events. Over 75% of all tree failures we respond to involve trees with poor health, structural defects or other conditions. HMI has developed tree inventory software that, among other things, can help identify symptoms on a tree that may indicate a potential failure risk. Using this software, HMI's arborists can quickly conduct an evaluation of the large trees near a structure and provide a report that your clients can use to mitigate the risk of damage and personal injury large trees can cause. It is estimated that over a quarter of a million claims are filed each
year for damage caused by trees that fail; HMI can help you reduce this risk and cost.

Product Support

Specimen trees and quality landscapes are valuable assets on scores of properties across the country. Increasingly, insurance carriers are providing comprehensive coverage options to their clients to protect these important assets in case of loss. HMI is the only low-cost, nationwide resource to inventory, establish replacement costs and inspect these assets before a policy is bound. In this capacity, HMI provides a turn-key solution for certifying the insured inventory and validating insured value. In addition, since an important feature of loss can be the health and structure of a
plant (of certain perils), an inspection by HMI can protect an insured from covering a tree or shrub that is susceptible to failure. Click on the
treeFacts® link below to learn more about the various Reports available from HMI to document your clients' living assets.


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