Arborists and Tree Care Companies

HMI has established relationships with leading insurers, recovery service companies and others who want to provide their clients with access to qualified, insured and licensed service providers. Through its national Authorized Member Network, HMI refers highly qualified arborists and tree care companies to property owners, insurance companies and others to provide important and often critical emergency tree removal, tree preservation, wildfire preparation and other mitigation efforts required by our clients.

Our Authorized Members are eligible to receive referrals for work required by HMI's insurance and other partners. In addition, they are able to
license HMI's proprietary treeFacts® Asset Inventory software, which enables them to provide the full suite of treeFacts® Reports to their clients.
These Reports provide a unique and valuable tool that gives our AMs a competitive advantage in their markets. Our treeFacts® Asset Inventory
Software also provides an efficient, accurate and low-cost way to create an electronic inventory for residential and commercial properties.

If you are a certified arborist or professional tree care service provider and would like to learn more about HMI's Network, please click on the Authorized Member link below. You can also view descripitions of HMI's treeFacts® Reports by clicking on the treeFacts®logo below.

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