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HMI is the only company in the U.S. that specializes in providing the insurance industry with comprehensive claims support for tree damage and landscape losses. HMI’s claims services include:

  • Emergency tree removals and CAT response
  • Expert inspections and inventories that document the type, size and quantity of destroyed and damaged trees and shrubs
  • Calculation of standardized replacement costs
  • Removal estimates and services
  • Preservation estimates and services
  • Consulting services with regard to proof of loss and cause of loss
  • Loss reports for adjusters, designed to accurately and efficiently close claims involving trees and landscaping
  • Experienced large loss claims support involving golf courses, resort properties, nurseries, municipalities, etc.

HMI manages the only national network of accredited tree care professionals and certified arborists to support any claims involving tree damage and loss of landscaping. Click here for to learn about our suite of services.

HMI provides its clients with detailed reports including important information about their trees and shrubs. The information available in a treeFacts® Report can include:

  • Accurate identification, descriptions, size and location
  • Objective health assessments and list of symptoms, if any
  • Average replacement cost values
  • Customized care and maintenance instructions
  • Recommendations for follow-up evaluation

HMI’s treeFacts® Reports are the only national standard for documenting a property’s trees and shrubs and they can be used for insurance, legal, accounting, real estate and property management applications.

HMI’s treeAssist™ Services are provided by our national network of qualified arborists and tree care professionals offering a wide range of services to help you preserve the health and safety of your trees and shrubs. If required, they are also qualified to remove large trees and limbs safely. All of our network partners are fully licensed and insured. Don’t trust the care of these valuable assets to anyone else.

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