Fire-damaged trees threatened a Tahoe ski resort

HMI dispatched a team of arborists to assist in the assessment and removal of fire-damaged trees that threatened the iconic Tahoe area ski resort. Millions of dollars of resort property were at stake. Within 72 hours, HMI green experts were on-site working to inspect, inventory, and document the fire damage.

Recovery from devastating fire with HMI's First Responder Program

Time was of the essence in this emergency situation due to the unstable condition of the damaged trees. The project was particularly complex due to regulatory requirements prohibiting the removal of trees from federal land, unless it had been inspected by a certified arborist and determined to be a hazard.

HMI was able to both document the loss for insurance purposes, and at the same time, create a GIS record of the trees in order to comply with U.S. Forest Service rules and regulations.

The speed that HMI arborists were able to complete this analysis allowed tree removal crews to take down the damaged trees before additional tree failures could cause additional property damage.


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