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HMI offers valuable products to property owners who wish to evaluate and document the health and replacement cost of their trees and shrubs. In addition, through its national network of expert tree service providers, HMI provides vital services to repair and preserve these valuable assets.

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Few property owners understand how expensive it is to replace a tree or shrub if one were to die. Even fewer have the expertise to determine if any of their trees or shrubs exhibit symptoms indicating a serious health or structural issue. In many cases a tree may appear healthy, when in fact it
has a poor pre-existing health, structural or other condition making it susceptible to partial or total failure. These conditions cause the vast majority
of tree failures, especially during a severe weather event.

To help you better understand and proactively manage your trees and shrubs order a treeFacts® Report. A treeFacts® Report is published following an on-site, visual inspection by a licensed/certified arborist using HMI’s customized data collection software. A treeFacts® Report provides you with critical information about your trees and shrubs which will enable you to proactively manage and protect your trees as well as the people and property nearby.


Finding a high quality tree service provider can be challenging and time consuming. HMI has established a national network of leading tree care companies staffed by licensed/certified arborists and tree care professionals. Contact us and we will send one of our affiliates to discuss your needs. All of our affiliates are licensed, insured and qualified to provide their services. Each of our affiliates are also qualified to provide HMI’s full suite of treeFacts® Reports providing you with a detailed inventory of your valuable trees and shrubs. Click here to learn more about some of the services
available through HMI.


HMI and its national network of tree care companies provide a full range of high quality services to support insurance claims involving trees. These services include large tree and limb removal, debris removal, preservation of damaged trees, cause of loss analysis, replacement costs and others. Click here to learn more about HMI’s treeClaims® capabilities.

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