Large Residential & Commercial Losses

Since 2008, HMI has assisted over 1,500 large loss claims associated with damaged plant material on various properties including golf courses, resorts, real estate, plant nurseries and other residential and commercial properties.  Through our fully-credentialed network of tree crews, arborists, argonomists, golf course professionals and other experts, HMI is able to assist with the claims process thereby accelerating recovery efforts and minimizing lost revenue. Below is a list of services we provide:

  • Replacement and repair estimates for damaged:
    • trees
    • shrubs
    • turf including sport fields, fairways, and residential property
    • greens
    • bunkers
    • tee boxes
  • Professional tree and golf course feature repair services
  • Tree, stump and debris removal

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“HMI provided our golf course with a professional, knowledgeable and expert representative that assisted us in quickly resolving our insurance claims following Hurricane Sandy. The golf course recovered nicely and was back to business as usual in a timely manner.”

-Golf Course Superintendent