HMI was formed in 2003 in order to provide property owners and the insurance industry with the Kelley Blue Book standard for replacement costs of trees and shrubs. Over the years, HMI has significantly expanded its services and is now the leading resource for emergency tree removals, standardized health inspections, risk mitigation, claims support and consultation services regarding trees and shrubs. In order to provide its services, HMI has created a national network of arborists and tree care companies. HMI currently receives insurance referrals from over 40 large insurance companies and independent adjusters. All referrals are qualified by HMI and provided to network Members.


Benefits of Membership with HMI


HMI receives assignments from almost 60 insurance companies including the majority of the top property carriers in the industry. Before sending each referral to our arborists, we contact the property owners to qualify the assignment and then provide detailed information to the arborists.
HMI communicates directly with the arborist and adjuster to make sure the documentation is processed accurately with the insurance carrier.
HMI helps process payments through insurance carriers to make sure you are paid in a timely manner.
HMI helps facilitate customer relationships with property owners, general contractors, insurance adjusters, and other potential customers.

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