Commercial and Contract Services

HMI has been providing commercial property owners and managers with access to the highest-quality arboricultural and landscaping services since 2003.  Today, our clients know they can rely on HMI for all of their outdoor property renovation, restoration, and reconstruction needs.  Whether you are recovering from storm damage, looking to avoid future damage, or simply upgrading your property, HMI provides exceptional service, professional oversight, and reliable pricing, anywhere across the United States.


  • Design, Renovation and Construction Management
    • Landscapes and hardscapes
    • Golf course features

  • Water Management
    • Irrigation audits, design, and installation
    • Water management and conservation

  • Risk Mitigation
    • Wildfire risk assessment and mitigation
    • Erosion control
    • Hazard tree evaluations

  • Property Management Support
    • Vendor estimate reviews
    • Management operations assessments


Plant Nurseries
Educational Campuses
Agricultural and Estate Properties
Single and Multi-family Residential Properties
Golf Courses
Outdoor Sports Facilities
Commercial/Municipal/Retail Complexes
Religious Sites and Graveyards


With extensive experience including oversight in the construction and landscape management of commercial and hospitality properties, HMI brings dedication and drive to each of our clients. Our team has experience managing full and partial renovations based on improvement specifications of master plans, as well as experience managing operations that span multiple facility types while working on behalf of some of the largest hotel and resort management companies in the world.

We are supported by our national network of professional tree care companies, ISA certified arborists, agronomists, plant biologists, landscapers, irrigation and water assessment experts, golf course construction engineers and designers, and other subject matter experts. Our conglomerate of professionals lend their world class experience and service to every project in plant-material related services associated with golf courses, resorts, vineyards, nurseries, and real estate properties. Our network allows us to assist clients across the United States and the Caribbean.

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