Estimate Reviews

After processing over 25,000 tree-related claims, HMI has the experience to provide third-party estimate reviews for our insurance carrier clients. These reviews have proven to be helpful in determining acceptable rates for emergency tree removals. Our method of evaluation is based upon a comprehensive labor study of over 200 market segments, which breaks down labor rates into low, medium and high-cost markets.

Process of Estimate Review Submission:
 1.  Adjusters supply third party proposals and images, which are first reviewed by the experienced HMI staff. 
2.  After initial review, trusted arborists in the appropriate markets are consulted to provide their professional review of the materials.
3.  Finally, a formal report is provided to the adjuster regarding the results of the review.
Interested in a copy of our most current Labor Rate Study for Emergency Tree Removals?  Please contact HMI for a copy.

“I was able to close this claim in an hour after being open for months thanks to the HMI team.”

-Appreciative Independent Adjuster

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