Estimate Reviews

After processing over 30,000 tree-related claims, HMI has the experience to provide third-party estimate reviews for our insurance carrier clients. These reviews have proven to be helpful in determining acceptable rates for emergency tree removals. Our method of evaluation is based upon a comprehensive labor study of over 200 market segments, which breaks down labor rates into low, medium and high-cost markets.

Process of Estimate Review Submission:

 1.  Adjusters submit estimates and photos for review.

2.  In-House HMI experts review the estimates for accuracy and pricing
3.  Formal report is provided to the adjuster for review.
Interested in a copy of our most current Labor Rate Study for Emergency Tree Removals?  Please contact HMI for a copy.

Request More Information:

“I was able to close this claim in an hour after being open for months thanks to the HMI team.”

-Appreciative Independent Adjuster