HMI, functioning as a Clerk of Works, has created a network of subject matter experts including arborists, agronomists, landscape architects, and golf course feature repair experts to assist property managers and adjusters settle their claims and to provide professional repair services to damaged green assets.  Our network provides a variety of services and solutions for the right price at the right time.

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Experience Matters
With extensive experience in commercial property repair for landscape and hardscape, HMI and its authorized network of professional inspectors and crews are offering support to adjusters in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Florida. As a trusted partner of property managers, insurance carriers and adjusters, we have assisted over 2,000 golf courses and commercial properties navigate the process of investigating losses for replacement cost valuations, repair cost estimates and more. With a focus on customer service and quality workmanship, HMI provides the peace of mind that the information provided is of fair and reliable.
Standardized Pricing

HMI’s experience has allowed it to develop standardized repair and/or replacement pricing guideline for trees, shrubs, turf, greens, bunkers and other assets.  We also have the resources to bring the materials into areas impacted by catastrophic storms. HMI's goal is to restore commercial properties' landscape and hardscape assets at a fair price and in a timely fashion.

Available Commercial Property Support

Inspections available for proof and cause of loss analysis, replacement cost valuations, repair cost estimates, and more.


Repair and Clean Up

Credentialed resources available for quick and fair-priced repair and clean-up for commercial properties such as golf courses and hospitality.


Complete project management of the golf course or hospitality loss evaluation, repair, budget management, & contractor credentialing.


HMI is the turnkey solution for commercial property claims management involving landscape and hardscape damages.