Arborist Inspections

HMI provides a variety of arborist inspections to meet the needs of the insurance industry such as subrogation analysis, liability claims and other needs. Please review the available inspection reports listed below designed to meet your needs:

Cause of Loss Reports

HMI has developed a proprietary Cause of Loss Report designed to help close subrogation and liability claims quickly and accurately. With the help of our network of certified arborists, we provide comprehensive reports with photos and clearly identified causes of loss.


Pre-Loss Inspections

Pre-loss inspections are completed by certified arborists in the HMI network and are used by insurance professionals to identify hazardous trees, which may pose a failure risk to a primary structure.  Such inspections can be used for the following purposes:

  • Underwriting
    • Pre-Loss Inspections are used during the underwriting process to determine the coverage binding authority.  Pre-loss inspections for underwriting are utilized heavily for properties with a history of losses associated with tree failures.
  • Risk Mitigation
    • Risk managers use pre-loss inspections after coverage has been bound to evaluate existing insureds for potential tree failure risks.  A report provided by HMI's network of certified arborists provides a thorough investigation for the risk managers and property owners to evaluate potential tree risks.
  • Post- Loss
    • Following a significant storm event, carriers and risk managers use tree inspections to identify newly developed hazardous tree risks as a result of the event.  Trees can become damaged or destabilized during a storm event and these inspections help to identify potential risks and offer solutions to avoid future tree failures.


“I needed to have an arborist inspect a large number of damaged trees, to determine if the damage was related to a particular event, and if the trees would recover. HMI provided me with a report that was very thorough and informative, and included all of the information I needed to resolve the claim. Claims involving plant material can be very complicated to resolve, HMI makes it easy.”

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