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Professional care and maintenance of your trees keeps them healthy and better able to withstand the damaging effects of storms. However, despite these services, trees and shrubs can be damaged by strong winds, the weight of ice and snow, lightning and other weather events. HMI developed the treeShield® Warranty exclusively for our Authorized Members (AMs) as a way to stand behind their work and provide their customers with the highest level of service available in the industry. treeShield® provides an AM’s clients with a comprehensive storm recovery solution should damage occur to their trees and shrubs that are maintained by the AM. treeShield® covers the cost of services to:

  1. Clean-up and remove fallen trees and tree debris;
  2. Remove hazardous trees and limbs; and
  3. Perform reparation services such as restorative pruning and cabling.

To learn more about HMI’s treeShield® Service Warranty please contact us at (866) 937-6468 or email

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