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Inspection Reports

HMI’s suite of treeFacts Reports are customized inventories of the trees and shrubs located on a residential or commercial property. Based on your individual needs, a treeFacts Report is available which will provide detailed information regarding the type, condition, and replacement costs and even detailed descriptions, photographs and specific care instructions for these valuable assets.

Priority, Large, and Comprehensive Tree Reports

These represent HMI’s most popular treeFacts Reports and are published following an on-site inspection of your trees and shrubs by a licensed/certified arborist. The arborist conducting the on-site inspection is trained to use HMI’s proprietary data collection software. The data collected on your property using this software enables HMI to produce a Report that documents the identity, location, size and current replacement cost for each tree and shrub inspected.

The arborist also records any symptoms present at the time of the inspection. Based on the type and extent of symptoms recorded, our system assigns a health rating to each tree or shrub. This detailed health data is critically important to you, as a property owner, to proactively manage your trees and shrubs and correct any symptoms that make them susceptible failure.

Select the Report that is right for you based on the location of trees and shrubs you elect to have inspected. Click here to learn more about these treeFacts Reports.

Custom Care Guide

By ordering any of the Reports above you are eligible to order a custom care guide providing additional information about each tree and shrub inspected. This Guide is a full color 8½ x 11 inch booklet that includes complete plant descriptions, representative full-color photographs and specific care and maintenance instructions authored, or approved, by Dr. Michael Dirr, a leading horticulturalist and renowned author of 8 best selling books on plants and their care. Also included are projected replacement costs for each plant over a 5 year period. Click here to learn more about treeFacts Custom Care Guide.

Replacement Cost Reports

treeFacts Replacement Cost Reports provide you with the current replacement cost of your trees and shrubs. Using the specific data you provide HMI produces your Report and no arborist inspection is necessary. Click here to learn more about treeFacts Replacement Cost Reports.

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