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Our Affiliates

HMI is proud to work with many leading companies and associations representing the insurance, tree care, nursery, and technology sectors. Together with these partners, HMI has created valuable new products and services to help property owners document, value and protect important living assets that create the settings for residential and commercial properties across the country.


As a member of various green industry associations, HMI adheres to the quality standards promoted by these organizations. Our commitment to maintain and promote the standards established by industry experts ensures that HMI's products and services are of the highest quality. Visit our member associations.

Premier Level Members (PLMs)

Our PLMs are comprised of a national network of accredited tree care companies and hundreds of International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborists. Our extensive network provides HMI's clients across the country with expert analyses and world class service. Visit our active PLM network.

If you are an accredited tree care company or certified arborist interested in becoming a part of HMI’s Premier Level Member network visit our PLM Program site for more information on the benefits of joining.

Premier Nursery Network (PNN)

Our PNN members represent a national network of wholesale nurseries which have a proven reputation for growing high quality woody trees and shrubs. These nurseries contribute to HMI's extensive data base of wholesale plant prices enabling us to support the many insurance, casualty loss, property valuations and other important applications. HMI also consult with our PNN members regarding pricing trends, new plant introductions and other industry specific developments. We are constantly seeking to expand our PNN members. If you are interested in joining, please contact HMI at (866) 937-6468. Visit our PNN members.

Insurance Providers

Our valuation and risk assessment data support comprehensive insurance programs for a growing number of insurance companies. Using our data collection software and PLM network, we provide these insurance companies with on-site inventories, inspections and valuations of their clients’ plant material. Our PLM network is also available to provide a wide range of repair services to address any health or other issues uncovered. Our network is also available to certain insurance carriers to help their clients recover following a storm or other loss event.

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