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About Us

Horticultural Asset Management, Inc. (HMI) is the only source for standardized replacement cost values and objective assessments of the condition of trees and shrubs on residential and commercial properties. Founded in 2003, HMI has amassed the world's largest repository of horticultural data with the assistance of the leading horticulturist Dr. Michael A. Dirr.

Working with leading horticultural and arboricultural experts, HMI has developed proprietary data collection software which enables its national network of arborists to efficiently and accurately inventory a property owner's valuable plants. When the data gathered on a property is uploaded to HMI's patent-pending evaluation system, the company is able to provide detailed reports that include critical information about the specific type, value and condition of these important assets that need to be insured.

HMI is enabling property owners to better manage their valuable plants by providing important information about any plants that may require remedial services to protect against a loss of the plant or damage to a nearby structure or other asset.

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